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It is important to have a retirement plan to provide for you in your old age. The sad reality, however, is that when most people start to worry about their old age, it is late to do much about it. None of us want to be financially insecure when we are old. Yet most people will have to work for the rest of their lives just to keep body and soul together!

It is therefore in your best interest to choose a retirement plan that can provide you with a monthly income until the very end, earn investment return (so that your money can grow), cover the rising cost of living and provide certain insured benefits.

The KwaZulu Natal Retirement Fund (KZN Retirement Fund) and the KwaZulu Natal Provident Fund (KZN Provident Fund) each provide an attractive solution to retirement planning.

KwaZulu Natal Master Builders and Allied Industries Association (Master Builders KwaZulu Natal) can assist you in this regard as they are administrators of the above 2 Funds.

Having peace of

They can assist you on Employee Benefit products and source a tailor-made solution through our accredited partners. Their aim is a customer who has peace of mind and who is in a position to make an informed decision.

They also administer a Holiday Pay Stamp Scheme known to many as the Stamp Scheme. This Scheme is linked to both Funds. Please note that the benefits for both Funds are identical except that on retirement from the KZN Retirement Fund a member can take up to 1/3rd as a lump sum with the remaining benefit being used to purchase a monthly pension. For the KZN Provident Fund the member must take 100% as a lump sum.

Year on year the Trustees review the Fund benefit offerings. The Fund’s disability, death and funeral benefits were improved. The cost of the enhanced benefits are subsidised by the Funds making the Fund competitively positioned in the market.

Currently the Funds offer the following risk benefits:

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